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6-Thomas Perry Cittern English Guitar long scale 2015
Based on an Irish made Cittern or English guitar made in 1770 by Thomas Perry (the Irish Stradivari) in no 6 Anglsea street, Dublin. Though primarily a Notable Violin maker Perry was known to have made at least 300 of these instruments, this one is made with Eastern European Birds eye maple, back and sides, Spruce front, the neck of flamed Maple as on the original Perry, but terminating in a watch Key mechanism instead of the Machine heads that were used on all of the Irish Instruments at that time, My new engineered watch key machines made in Stainless Steel are availible now and soon the original machines will be ready, In a discussion with Jeremy Montagu in London he was of the opinion that the machines were invented in Ireland as the earliest ones were there long before they were used in London, John Preston was said to have invented the watch key mechanism and they were used on practically all instruments until the late 18 centuary.the sides were tapered from 63 at the neck down to 55 at the tailblock, much like the 16c instruments from Italy, Want an instrument like this? contact me at and we can design and make an instrument just for you, or Phone 00353 091566948, 0892126744
price: € 2950
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