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00-Selmer Maccaferri D hole coming soon BOOK IT NOW
THIS GUITAR NOW SELLING FOR 2200 Rosewood back and sides, Nearly finished,In 1976 when I was studying guitar making in London I met a man called Albert Nibblett in Harringay Photographic, He made Selmer Maccaferri's in the old way, that is with the bend in the top, the sharp bend was made on a hot Iron and not curved as shown in the collings book, he introduced me to Louis Gallo in Wood Green who was the leading authority on Maccaferri's in England at that time and built many himself, ''the bend in the top is the secret of the sound and without it, it is not a Maccaferri'' he said, the method of bending was lost after that time but i remembered how to do it, I have 6 different in production with different setups, you can book any of them now by calling me on 00353 91566948 or cellphone 00353 892126744 or e-mail me at Want to order one like this? mail me at my email address and a one third deposit up front will finish the instrument and the balance when done, no other costs involved, I have been giving away free shipping and a hardshell case and electronics for years now,to view the photos larger right click and use VIEW BACKGROUND IMMAGE
price: € 2800
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