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13-Bass Viol... Francesco Linarol c1550...Made in 1998
This Gamba was made in the workshop in 1998, there were several hanging around in Northern Renaissance Instruments in Manchester, so i had much time to do research there in the 1970's, THE EARLIER VIOLA DA GAMBA WERE CONSTRUCTED BY BENDING THE FLAT TOP ACROSS A CURVED BODY WITH 2 BARS FOR STABILITY, THEY HAD A SOUNDPOST LIKE THE MODERN VIOLIN AND CELLO, THE LATER 16TH CENTURY CARVED THE BODIES AND IN ENGLAND BENT THE MIDDLE STAVE TO GIVE SPRING TO THE TOP, THEY WERE MUCH LIGHTER BUILT THAN THE CELLO SO HAD A MORE DELICATE TONE,Want an instrument like this? contact me at and we can design an instrument just for you,
price: € 5000
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